About Us

L3cture is an innovative service providing university lecturers with feedback on the knowledge and understanding of their student cohort via real-time interactive learning tools. Designed with both lecturers and students in mind, the service implements features such as LaTex integration, clear imagery, and in-depth analysis to provide a more immersive learning experience. Lecturers can set questions to appear at key points throughout their presentations which students answer anonymously using the simple, intuitive app downloaded for free on their smartphone. The results are displayed immediately for a prompt overview and are stored indefinitely for reviewing, while anonymous answering encourages honesty. By actively involving students in what traditionally can be a one way dialogue, L3cture aims to bring students into the discussion, allowing them to engage with the material and receive instant responses from the lecturer.

  • Instant feedback at any time
  • Analysis of class understanding
  • Unlimited questions storage with easy access for reviewing
  • No class-size limit – minimal preparation required
  • Option to tag questions with topics for categorising
  • Suitable for all subjects: can test accuracy or gather class opinion on topics
  • Simple, fast and easy to use – you’ll be up and running in minutes
  • Free online support
  • Anonymous answering encourages honest answering
  • Questions and answers can be stored and used as revision aids
  • Free to download and easy to use
  • Allows students to test their knowledge and remain engaged with subject matter

At the forefront of interactive lecture materials, L3cture’s visual and functional aspects are continuously improved ensuring an intuitive user interface while providing additional features for both lecturers and students. Users can suggest and rank features that they would like to see added, providing a prioritised list for the Admin to vet and approve. Approved features will target key objectives including:

  • Friendly competition between students to drive improvement,
  • Increasing the arsenal of questions for lecturers to use,
  • Increasing analysis for lecturers.
Adam Walsh

Adam studied mathematics at the University of Sheffield between 2009 and 2014. After graduating from his masters he has focused on his passion for programming, specifically .NET languages. He has successfully deployed a number of internal automation for a small multi-national manufacturing business. Previously he has worked in a variety of roles, including Technical Support for software and hardware, an Accounts Assistant and on a production line. In his spare time, Adam enjoys a variety of sports including ballroom dancing, tennis, windsurfing and chess.

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